Today I show you how how to reheat pizza in air fryer. This way of reheating ensure a crispy crust, stretchy cheese and an oven freshness taste.

• Today I am going to show you how to reheat pizza in air fryer.

• Using the trusty air fryer, now this machine’s just are for cooking, they’re also great for reheating food just like a microwave.

• Let me show you how easy it is and how it turns out okay so, let’s pull out the drawer then let’s place in our pieces of pizza.

How to reheat pizza in air fryer Now you can fit two pieces in a drawer, you can fit three or four pieces but you have to keep them in a separate layer don’t stack them on top of each other into the machine.

• We want to set the heat to nice and hot and we’ll put it on to 200 degrees Celsius and now 200 degree Celsius is about 390 found by jingles will drop the time down to about 4 minutes and hit start.

• Well, time is going off heard you’re the first time mate. You can usually take this centre section out. We’re beauty up the sunshine and there we have it the nice pre-heated pizza crust in the air fryer is nicely cooked.

• Now this will be piping hot just like it would come fresh out of the pizza oven.

• My mouth is watering so, I am going to taste it yummy, the cheese is still stretching.

• So, In four minutes your pizza’s ready much faster than the oven, much faster than the toaster oven, much faster than the microwave well maybe not much faster than the microwave but much crisper and fresher.

• Enjoy with your reheat pizza in air fryer.

Important tips about air fryer:-

• Don’t overfill the basket of air fryer, you really don’t want much more than one layer of food if you want to cook it properly.

• Use a foil sling to help you get foods into and out of the air fryer, take a piece of aluminium foil and fold it in a half, fold it in a half again and then use this as a sling.

How to reheat pizza in air fryer When you’re cooking fatty foods in the air fryer if you’re cooking bacon, meatballs or chicken wings it’s a good idea to take a little water and put that in the drawer underneath the food by doing that you’ll stop the fats by dipping down and smoking.

• Use toothpick to pin down foods that otherwise might fly around your air fryer.

• Remove the basket from the drawer before you dump out the food the reason for that is you’ll get a lot of grease at the bottom of the drawer and have to drain that out if you dump the basket and grease at the same time.

• This tip is actually opposite from the given tips. sometimes, when you’re cooking you have a marinade that drips down into the bottom basket those marinades can be used to moisten the food again and serve as a sauce How to reheat pizza in air fryer.


• Remember to pull your air fryer far away from the wall when you’re using it and don’t put anything on the top of the air fryer.

Air fryer is best electric machine which safe’s your important time and give you perfect taste.

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