Formed like a crescent or half-moon, gujiya recipe is a deep-fried half-cracked dumpling stuffed with a wonderful filling of mawa, completely dry fruit products, coconut, as well as sugar.

In other words, it is the Indian model of empanadas that are stuffed along with a pleasant dental filling.

The delightful dental filling in the gujiya recipe differs insignificantly throughout India, as well as it even passes a lot of different names, consisting of:

Karanji in Maharashtra. This, in a similar way, designed gujiya recipe is packed with a coconut loading that contains no malware.

  • Ghaghra in Gujarat
  • Never in Goa
  • Kajjikaya in Andhra Pradesh as well as Karnataka, and
  • Purulia in Bihar.

No issue, whatever label you choose to call it by. It is habit-forming and, therefore, delectable that you’ll fall in love with it at the initial bite! 


This gujiya recipe is all produced from essential ingredients you most likely currently possess in your cupboard. Ghee– Ghee is included in the flour before kneading as it takes action as a man (the excess fat added to the flour while massaging) and provides a khasta/crispy structure to our gujiyas. 


Bring in Gujiya recipe is a four-measure procedure. The initial step includes making the dough; seconds comes the filling; third– molding the gujiya, and eventually, the last measure– searing the gujiya recipe.

I such as to improve the procedure by soaking my gujiyas in sweets syrup, but once more, it is an optionally available measure.

If you like, you may bypass the saturating part as well as delight in the deep-fried gujiyas. Saturated or not-soaked, in either case, they will certainly sample incredible.


Filter flour and also sodium in a mixing dish, incorporate Ghee into the dish. Utilizing your fingertips, massage the flour and Ghee all together up until the blend resembles-like breadcrumbs.

Slowly add warm water to the flour and also massaged it into organization money. The dough must feel smooth, not unpleasant, but yet tense. Deal with the money with a damp cloth and enable it to relax for 15-20 minutes.

This is a needed step. Please do certainly not avoid this process. The cash will end up being more solid as the wheat develops and flour gets hydrated, leading to crisper gujiyas.


Add Ghee to a pan, add slivered nuts, charoli almonds, cashews, and raisins. Transfer the almonds (leave the raisins) to a mill and grind them into the fine powder.

Include Ghee in the same pot; as it liquefies, include mawa/khoya and roast it for about 2-3 minutes. The moment performed, take it off the blaze as well as put it aside to chill.

Currently, coconut, powdered glucose, ground almonds, cardamom grain, and raisins to the male.

Mix till all the active ingredients are fully integrated. The mixture is going to be fine-textured and ought to feel soft when scrubbed in between hands. Deal with and establish it apart to chill.


Separate the gujiya dough right into equal-sized balls. Cover the rest of the money rounds with a cooking area cloth and also set them aside.

Take one round and also scroll it into a 5-inch disc. Spot a tbsp packed with mawa dental filling in the core of the rolled-out money. Leave behind the space around the sides.

Moisten the edge of the cash along with water.

Lift the dough’s topside and fold all of it the way over the rest of the money to deal with the male dental filling, press, and seal off the edges properly.

There are two means to seal off the gujiyas

Position the folded-up gujiya recipe in a gujiya mold. Press the mold till the edges are pinched all together, and the gujiya recipe is sealed off.

2. Traditional creases– It is performed by palm and demands a great deal of patience and technique to receive the excellent pleats. Take a folded gujiya and specifically flex the sealed sides around the edge of the gujiya to make pleats (feel free to pardon my pleating skills, I am still knowing).

This is the best efficient method as the creases protect against the packing from visiting during panning fry.

Repeat the method along with the remainder of the dough up until all the gujiyas are shaped.

To avoid drying out, always keep the shaped gujiyas covered with a kitchen cloth at all times.

Ghee: Ghee is included in the flour before manipulating as it takes action as a man and provides a khasta/crispy texture to our gujiyas. For that genuine preference, constantly fry gujiyas in Ghee. The cash will come to be a lot more firm as the wheat creates and flour obtains hydrated, resulting in crisper gujiyas recipe


Heat ghee in a heavy-bottomed skillet. As soon as the ghee is reasonably hot, delicately slide in the gujiyas and deep-fry all of them till golden brown and crisp. Each set consumes somewhere around 12-15 moments of frying time.

The moment prepared, eliminated from ghee, and established on a cooking area newspaper towel.

Sear all the gujiyas in a similar method. Mawa guys are ready to be offered.

If you perform not favor to saturate all of them in glucose syrup, at that point, offer them as is dressed up with eatable dried out rose flowers and dry out nuts.


Combine sugar, water, cardamom grain, and saffron in a pan. Deliver it to a boil.

Our main objective is to thaw the sugar; we are not seeking a sugar consistency listed below. For that reason, prepare the syrup for concerning 5-6 minutes on a reduced flame. After the desired cooking food opportunity ends, eliminate it from the heat and allow it to cool.

Dip the deep-fried gujiyas in the warm and comfortable sugar syrup for a handful of few seconds. Coat it properly. Remove from glucose syrup as well as allocated.

Coat the remainder of the gujiyas in the sugar syrup and also established all of them apart. Jazz music, all of them up smashed pistachios, silver fallen leave, nutritious dried out rose flowers, as well as serve.


You very, most absolutely can! Preheat oven to 350 ° F. Lay the shaped gujiyas on a single level on a greased baking tray. Brush the gujiyas along with ghee on both sides.

Transactions the cooking rack and gujiyas to the preheated oven and cook for 20-22 minutes or up until a good golden brownish is achieved. Always remember to transforming them midway through the baking time.

The moment cooked, remove all of them from the oven and specify them on the counter to cool down. Enjoy them as is actually, or coat them in the glucose syrup and also delight in!


Cooled mawa gujiyas recipe may be stored in an airtight compartment for about a full week at area temp. After that, the mawa gujiya recipe requires chilling. They are going to keep great for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator.

Shop the Chasni wali mawa gujiya recipe in the fridge in an airtight compartment. Perform not crowd the container or even weigh down hard while holding, as it might create the outer shell to crack. Shop them in a singular coating in the compartment.

The moment the ghee is moderately hot, carefully slide in the gujiyas as well as deep-fry all of them up until golden brown and crisp. Dip the deep-fried gujiyas in the warm and comfortable sweets syrup for a couple of seconds. Coat the remainder of the gujiyas in the sugar syrup and established them aside. Cooled mawa gujiyas recipe may be kept in a closed compartment for concerning a week at area temperature. Retail store the Chasni wali mawa gujiya recipe in the fridge in a closed compartment.


I hope you test this delectable Gujiya recipe this joyful time, and I assure you that its subtly delicious taste is going to create it a guaranteed hit along with your family.

Must you create this Gujiya recipe? Please let me know your notions by sharing your remark below.

And do not overlook to share it along with your friends and family.

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