Frozen burrito in air fryer

Today We are going to share with you How we do our freezer breakfast burrito meal prep day, I do this in a bunch of different ways so I am just gonna share with you guys,

Nutrition facts of frozen burritos in air fryer

how long to cook frozen burrito in air fryer

For breakfast burrito, I start with a huge pallet of eggs and a bowl to crack eggs into and then my biggest stainless steel bowl that I will make the actual burrito filling in as I go so,

I have all the other ingredients that I’m using. It takes a little while to beat that many eggs. When they’re all in the same bowl but then I just add a little bit of milk and some pepper while I get some butter melting on the stove in a pan, I’m gonna start preparing everything also so, I had a whole ham pre-chopped to the day before and in the fridge. So, I’m just pouring some of that into my big bowl and these batches for my brother Jawad, he likes a lot of cheese and so I’m putting a bunch of this nacho taco blend cheese and then I keep green onions chopped and ready in the freezer.

so, I can throw those into anything so, I sprinkled some of that in there and then I always keep a big bag of frozen Spanish in the freezer as well. so, I just put a big handful of that to get some greens into his burritos by then butter was melted so, I poured half of it into my pan that’s about all that fits so I just have to cook eggs in two different shifts unless I want to get out like a bigger pot but I feel like it cooks more evenly and I can watch it better when I’m not doing it all at once so two shifts are fine and then I just work on everything also sort of while they’re cooking.

I pour a bunch of jarred salsa into our burritos my brother takes them to work and air fries them. If I don’t put some sort of moisture in them they are a little bit dry so salsa adds some really nice flavour and definitely adds that moisture in them.

I’m telling you guys there is really no recipe I kind of just keep adding things until the ratio of what’s in the bowl looks good like looks like what I want in my burritos so, I keep adding things as per my choice. As soon as it looks good I clean up my workplace a little bit and set up my burritos rolling station. I spoon some of the fillings onto the tortilla, in just kind of even out the shape and then I fold the ends in. Before I roll it up I’ve been making burritos like this for Jawad to bring his lunches for almost two years. From now so I’ve tried a bunch of different ways of rolling and this is Jawad’s favourite and my favourite that tried so far.

This batch will make 15 burritos and so if I double that’d be 30 that’d be one month’s worth of burritos in the freezer and usually if I do like a big double batch like that in one day I will do sausage or bacon so there are some choices in the freezer. I love to be able to get a month’s worth done in one day and occasionally that actually happens.

I’m starting by just cracking like a whole bunch of eggs, I ended up doing the entire top layer of the pallet which is 30 eggs and depending on the day how much time?

Frozen burrito in air fryer
Preserving of burritos in air fryer

Preserving of burritos in air fryer

we’ve tried a couple of different ways of storing these in the freezer and wrapping them in the foil seems to work best, it preserves them well in the freezer and then when Jawad gets to work, you can just unwrap them and it’s easy for him and you just put it on like a paper plate at work and air fry it. I would love to find a more eco-friendly and non-disposable way of doing this so, if anybody has any suggestions please please let me know. I always label them so Jawad knows what batch they are or in the case the batch that still on the freezer was also a hand batch they know this is like the fresher hand batch it’s the ham-2 batch and this way we can make sure that we are using up the older one first.

I felt inspired to share it with you guys so let me know if you are gonna try at meal prepping some breakfast burritos and that’s it.

Why people like frozen burrito in air fryer

Most of the people like frozen burritos in an air fryer because in air fryers made burritos are very crispy from the outer surface and very soft and popping from the inside.

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Frozen burrito in air fryer

ingredients for frozen burritos in air fryer

To make this dish my way, you need two frozen burritos, avocado and garlic salt, plus some cheese.


• pre-heat air fryer machine to 400°F. Spray the bottom with cooking spray.

• Arrange frozen burritos in air fryer basket, sealed side facing up.

• Air fry frozen burritos for 15 minutes, flipping every 5 minutes.

• Add cheese on top and air fry for 2 more minutes.

• Make the simple guacamole. Mash the inside of one avocado with the back of the fork. Add garlic, salt and stir to combine.

• serve frozen burritos with guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and a sprinkle of fresh chopped cilantro.

frozen burrito in air fryer garnishing items

• mint leaves

• sour cream

• fresh chopped cilantro

• salsa

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