A creamy chicken recipe in any form is great for your health. The health benefits of eating poultry are plenty. When this fowl comes in a Lean breast, it’s low in fats and calories and high in protein, in the creamy chicken recipe which makes it ideal for weight maintenance. Not to mention that this bird is jam-packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins.

tasty creamy chicken recipe

Plus, with so many ways to prepare this plucky protein, you’re family can’t tire of chicken as a frequent weekly menu staple.

Today we are going to share with you how to make creamy chicken. So let’s start the recipe


breast fillets: 1/2 kilogram

white pepper powder: 1 tablespoon

ginger garlic paste: 1/2 tablespoon

Cream: 1 tablespoon

roasted and crushed cumin seeds: 1 tablespoon

salt: 1/2 tablespoon

crushed green chilli: 1 tablespoon

Raw papaya paste: 2 tablespoon

or chicken tenderizer: 1 tablespoon

Yougurt: 2 tablespoon

lemon juice: 2 tablespoon

Poppy seeds: soaked 1 tablespoon

cashew nuts: soaked 12-14

water: 2 tablespoon

Cooking oil: 4 tablespoon

Capsicum: 1/2 cup

Onion: 1/2 cup

charcoal for smoke

Ingredients for gravy:-

Cooking oil: 3 tablespoon

butter: 1 and 1/2 tablespoon

cloves: 2

Cardamom: 3

Onion: 1 large

Ginger grated: 1/2 tablespoon

Green chilli crushed: 2 tablespoon

white pepper powder: 1/2 tablespoon

Black pepper powder: 1/2 tablespoon

Cumin seeds: 1 tablespoon roasted

Salt: 1/2 tablespoon

yougurt: 3/4 cup

milk: 1/2 cup

Cream: 2 tablespoon

dried fenugreek seeds: 1/2 tablespoon

Method to make:-

• in creamy chicken recipe Cut chicken fillets in cubes.

• In bowl, add chicken boneless cubes, white pepper powder, cream, cumin seeds, ginger garlic paste, salt, green chillies, raw papaya paste, yougurt, lemon juice mix well and marinate for 2 hours.

• In blender add cashew nuts, poppy seeds water and blend well then set aside.

• In grill pan, add cooking oil and marinated chicken, grill untill done and set aside.

• In the same grill pan, add cooking oil, Capsicum, and grill for one minute and set aside.

• Give a charcoal smoke for 2 minutes and set aside.

• In wok, add cooking oil and butter and let them melt properly.

• Add cloves, green cardamom and give it a good mix.

• Add grinded onion, mix well and cook for 4 and 5 minutes.

• Add ginger, green chillies, Poppy seeds, cashew nuts paste and give it a good mix and cook for 3 minutes.

• Add white pepper powder, black pepper powder, cumin seeds, salt and mix well.

• Add yougurt and give it a good mix for 2 or 3 minutes then add milk and mix well.

• Add cream and give it a good mix.

• Now add grilled chicken and vegetables and mix well.

• Add dry fenugreek leaves, cover and let it simmer for 2 or 3 minutes.

• At the end add butter and serve with chapati or naan.

ENJOY! creamy chicken

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