Khaman Dhokla Recipe

This khaman dhokla dish makes a cosy and wonderfully smooth, softly sweet and tasty birthday cake that is perfect to appreciate any time of the time. It’s effortless to ready steamed on the stovetop and even in the Instant Pot with my bit-by-bit images and directions.

What is Khaman

Khaman, likewise called khaman dhokla in other Indian states, is a well-liked special from Gujarati cuisine.

It is lightweight, squishy, and features a hint of excellent full-flavoured flavour from a simple mixture of gram flour (besan), spices, and natural herbs. Gram flour is ground skinned dark chickpeas.

Khaman dhokla is a healthy savoury-sweet treat that takes place to become vegetarian. Additionally, it can be gluten-free as well if you miss semolina and asafoetida in the concoction.

Khaman is likewise called yellowish Dhokla as it possesses a yellow colour or even besan dhokla. It is likewise called on-the-spot khaman dhokla.

I prepare khaman dhokla with the steaming technique either in an Instant container or even in a pot.

They’re ideal to delight in for a satisfying and also profuse morning meal or an afternoon or evening snack.

What is the distinction between DhoklaDhokla and also khaman dhokla?

Khaman is commonly recommended as khaman dhokla, yet in reality, a dhokla is created differently than khaman.

Dhokla is made with ground, fermented rice batter and lentils like chana dal or even urad dal. You may check my dish for a genuine Dhokla made along with rice and chana dal.

While khaman is helped make right away with gram flour. Khaman concoction is not fermented, unlike a dhokla concoction.

In the preference division, fermentation gives DhoklaDhokla a truly complex flavoursome flavour. However, a khaman additionally samples just as wonderful.

Dhokla’s colour may range from cream to pale yellowish or yellow; however, a khaman consistently possesses a vivid yellowish colour.

Eno (Fruit Salt).

As a proving solution, we use in this particular khaman dish is fruit sodium. Eno is a prominent Indian brand of fruit product sodium used to ease acidity and pyrosis ( heartburn ).

Fruit product salt comprises citric acid, salt bicarbonate (cooking soft drink), and sodium carbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate, as well as salt carbonate, are bubbly active ingredients that bubble as well as release carbon dioxide when contributed to water.

To help make khaman, you can also utilize cooking soft drinks. Yet cooking soda provides its soapy scent if used over, therefore beware indeed not to incorporate excessively.

Eno provides you with the best fluffy and smooth khaman dhokla, while the one made with baking soda is not that cosy or even mushy.

I favour using eno in khaman dhokla as it provides the most effective results. I perform not prefer baking soft drinks, as first and foremost our company may certainly not stand up to the soapy aroma. Furthermore, the texture is not that spongy or ventilated compared to the khaman that helped make eno.

Use enough that is fresh and within its shelf period. The structure of khaman will certainly be flat and heavy if your eno is actually active or certainly not new. As well as satisfying, do not use flavoured eno– the routine eno without any taste operates the most ideal.

Both eno and baking soda respond with turmeric grain and offer a red tint or red places in khaman dhokla. Therefore incorporate little turmeric powder or even miss it entirely.

Lime juice or citric acid.

I have created khaman dhokla both with lemon juice and also citric acid. That said, utilize whatever is quickly on call to you.

To switch citric acid along with lemon extract, use this typical percentage of:

1 tbsp lemon juice = 1/4 tsp citric acid (in the powdered kind).

For citric acid, use pure and food-grade citric acid. I additionally recommend featuring freshly pressed lemon juice. Make use of a clean lemon.

Use enough that is actually fresh and also within its shelve period. If your ego is energetic or not new, the appearance of khaman will be standard as well as dense. And please carry out certainly not make use of flavoured eno– the frequent eno without any taste works the absolute best.

How to make Khaman Dhokla


1. Oil a cleaner pan with 2 to 3 teaspoons of oil.

2. Take 1.5 mugs of gram flour (120 grams besan) in a mixing dish or even pan. Do usage gram flour which has an alright structure.

Suggestion: You can easily make khaman dhokla along with chickpea flour as effectively.

3. The add the observing active ingredients:

  • 2 to 3 dashes of turmeric grain
  • a generous small quantity of asafoetida (bypass to make a gluten-free variation).
  • 1.5 tbsp lemon or lime juice or 1/3 to 1/2 tsp complete citric acid.
  • 1.5 tsp ginger root mix (crush 1.5-inch ginger root as well as 1.5 tsps environment-friendly chillies in a mortar-pestle).
  • 1.5 teaspoons environment-friendly chilli paste.
  • One tablespoon glucose or even incorporate depending on the flavour.
  • One teaspoon sodium or include as every preference.

TIP: Avoid incorporating excessive turmeric particles as then the fruit product salt or baking soda reacts along with the turmeric grain and also creates it reddish in the shade, therefore giving reddish dots, specks or shadows in the khaman.

4. Include one mug of water (or basically as needed to have) as well as one tablespoon oil to create a heavy yet hassle-free flowing concoction. The amount of water required depends upon the high flour quality; thus, begin with 1 cup and include as needed. Mix effectively to blend.

Add 1 tbsp Rava (semolina). This is entirely optional however includes a great structure to the khaman dhokla.

6. Stir along with a whisk to develop a hassle-free, firm batter with no swellings.

Consistency of Batter.

7. The batter ought to be excessive however flow easily off of the whisk. A straightforward suggestion is that if the batter comes to be slim, at that point, 1 to 2 tablespoons of gram flour.

Next, take 2 to 2.5 mugs of water to a boil in a steamer frying pan or an electric oven or pressure oven. The quantity of water to become incorporated relies on the dimension of the cleaner or requirement oven.

Take note: To recognize even more concerning the steaming in a pan, oven, and Instant Pot carefully, read through the ideas segment listed below.

Leavening khaman concoction.

9. Upcoming incorporates two teaspoons Eno or fruit product sodium. 2 teaspoons of Eno creates the khaman cosy and delicate. There is a slightly alkaline flavour to Eno.

If you’re not a fan of the flavour at that point, incorporate only 1.5 tsp of Eno. Suppose utilizing cooking soda as your leavening agent, add 1/2 tsp to 3/4 teaspoon.

10. Mix the end with the concoction quickly and quickly.

11. The fruit sodium should be blended uniformly along with the batter. Otherwise, you receive irregular texture in the khaman dhokla.

12. The eno will undoubtedly create the concoction come to be creamy, so you must operate promptly to whip it in thoroughly.

12. Pour the batter into the frying pan.

13. Carefully shake to ensure the batter levels in the pan. Below is an image of the batter ready to become steam.


1. Position the pan in a cleaner or even electricity rice cooker or pressure oven. When you put the skillet along with the khaman batter, the water must presently be boiling or even warm. When utilizing a requirement oven, please remove the air vent weight/whistle coming from the cover and deal with the stove firmly with its top.

KEEP IN MIND: I have listed the comprehensive steaming directions in a frying pan, requirement oven, and Instant flowerpot in the tips sections below.

If using a pot or pressure stove or even Instant Pot, vapour for 12 to 15 mins on a channel to medium-high heat energy. The khaman is cooked for 15 minutes using an electric rice oven listed below.

2.You can start servicing the seasoning and also herb option for toughening the khaman while it cooks. Continue analysis for the directions.

3.It needs to come out tidy if the khaman dhokla is done. If the toothpick has the concoction on it, then you require to vapour for another minute or therefore.

4. Allow the khaman to become warm or refreshing entirely. Delicately move a butter knife along the sides to release the khaman from the pan. Spot a plate or tray in addition to the skillet.

5. At that point, quickly invert the pan.

6. If greased properly, the khaman will effortlessly slide out onto a home plate.

Use a sharp knife to cut the khaman in areas and establish aside until prepared to temper. Considering that I made use of a concave plate, the khaman worked out down in the.

Readying Tempering.

Toughening up is vital to instil the khaman and flavour and incorporate dampness into the gram flour sponge. To make the temper, very first warm 2 tbsps of oil in a small skillet on the cooktop.

2. Incorporate 1 tsp of mustard seeds and also enable them to snap.

3. When the mustard seeds are crinkling, include 10 to 12 curry leaves, and also, if you like, one teaspoon of cumin seeds as well as one teaspoon of sliced environment-friendly chilli.

4. Stir and also at that point include 2 tsp white coloured sesame seeds.

5. Pan fry the sesame seeds for some seconds. Do not brown all of them, or even they’ll become unsweetened.

6. Next, properly incorporate 1/3 cup of water. You can switch off the heat when including water.

7. Then include two types of sweets.

8. Stir and enable the toughening up mix to find a blister. Make sure that the sugar is dissolved.

Creating Khaman.

9. Remove coming from the heat energy and immediately put this solidifying mix equally on the khaman dhokla to ensure it seeps through the chopped edges.

10. Garnish along with 2 to 3 tbsps of chopped coriander leaves behind and also 2 to 3 tablespoons grated coconut, you were as.

Providing Suggestions.

12. Provide the khaman dhokla instantly, or you may stash it in a closed box and also provide it later after an hour if enjoying khaman dhokla later on after several hours; after that, omit coconut till ready to consume.

You can quickly also refrigerate them, and afterwards, when prepared to provide, merely spray some water and warmth in a microwave for a handful of secs until just warmed up.

A tender, soft section of khaman dhokla continued best the round steamed pie with some khaman dhokla dices at the side on a black stone tray.

What to eat with Khaman.

The fresh, mouthwatering, fluffy cakes are set fantastic with our standard array of Indian chutneys like Papaya Chutney, Mint Chutney, and Chutney.

We like to serve it with Tamarind Chutney. You can efficiently additionally serve it as a well-balanced snack with your night chai.


If you organize to offer khaman dhokla after a few hours or the following day, then I do certainly not highly recommend incorporating coconut or even cilantro. Merely put the tempering.

Refrigerate the khaman dhokla in a protected container. While offering, you can warm up along with a dropping of water in an oven or even a microwave.

Heavy steam for 1 to 2 minutes if making use of the quick container to cosy. While providing, add the coconut as well as coriander leaves behind.


Concoction Consistency.

One cup of water along with 1.5 mugs of gram flour always offers me the best results, but you may include a few tablespoons of water if your concoction looks exceptionally dense. A tremendously thick batter will make the khaman dhokla heavy and also challenging.


You can heavy steam khaman dhokla in a skillet, stovetop pressure oven, or in an Instant Pot. I listed herein information on steaming khaman dhokla in each.

1. Steaming in a pan or flowerpot.

Spot a small trivet in a big steaming pot that has adequate area to maintain the skillet with the batter. Pour 2 to 2.5 mugs of water. Deliver it to a blister.

Location the concoction pan as quickly you combine with eno. Cover along with a lid (indeed not rigid fitting), but one that has an air vent or will undoubtedly allow some steam to pass through.

Steam for 12 to 15 minutes on medium-high heat. The deeper the pan contacts the boiling water, the faster the steaming is actually. If it is actually out of the boiling water, the steaming will undoubtedly consume a little bit more time.

2. Steaming in a stovetop requirement cooker.

Incorporate 2 to 2.5 mugs of water. Protect the pan snugly in between tongs and carefully position it on the trivet.

Clear away the sound (vent body weight) from the top and seal off the cover firmly—vapour for 12 to 15 mins on the channel to medium-high warm.

3. Instantaneous Pot Steaming.

  • Put 2 to 2.5 cups of water in the steel insert of your Internet Protocol.
  • Location a trivet (not quick or even long, however sort of in between).
  • Make use of the sauté functionality and let the water acquire heated as well as start simmering.
  • Using tongs or oven gloves, properly place the skillet with the khaman concoction on the trivet. Perform certainly not cover along with any lid.
  • Seal and deal with Internet Protocol with its lid and maintain the air vent set to heavy steam launch.
  • Press the steam switch, and heavy steam overpressure for 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Maintain a check of the time utilizing a time clock or timepiece as the Instant flowerpot will not tone after the elapsed time and remain to heavy steam.
  • Allow all the pressure launch, and also the shutoff stumble. Then open the lid properly.


Why is my DhoklaDhokla certainly not spongy?

The sponginess and lightweight texture in a khaman dhokla happen from the reaction of eno and lemon juice or even citric acid discharging co2. This response makes a carbonated bubbly combination that assists the batter to climb and also leaven, consequently making it cosy and spongy when steamed. Thus if you utilize less leavening solutions (eno, cooking soda) or even if they are certainly not new or energetic, your khaman dhokla will not be squishy.

Why did my DhoklaDhokla transform reddish or orange?

Turmeric grain responds with baking soda or eno to give red or orange-tinted spots or mends in khaman dhokla. This makes your khaman dhokla switch red or even orange. This may stay clear by adding fewer turmeric particles to the batter.

Is DhoklaDhokla consumed scorching or chilly?

Dhokla can be eaten warm or at room temperature.

Why is my khaman Dhokla bitter?

Adding way too many leavening elements like cooking soda can quickly produce your DhoklaDhokla harsh.

The water must be boiling or very hot when you put the pan with the khaman dhokla batter. Gently move a butter knife along the edges to launch the khaman dhokla from the skillet. Tempering is necessary to instil the khaman dhokla and flavour and add humidity to the gram flour sponge if appreciating khaman dhokla eventually after several hours; after that, do not incorporate coconut until ready to consume.

A tremendously thick batter will undoubtedly produce the khaman dense and also challenging.

Keep in mind those cosy yellowish attacks along with sour & sweet flavour in DhoklaDhokla? Well, that is most definitely DhoklaDhokla, a preferred Gujarati meal that may be enjoyed at any time of the day. Generally, this special is created along with besan or chickpea flour, called Khaman Dhokla in Gujarati. That is the single cause; this recipe is additionally referred to as Khaman Dhokla. If you likewise intend to make the dhokla recipe in your home, after that, listed below is a simple way. This dhokla recipe lists specified directions with bit-by-bit graphics. Carry out, try it!

If you are seeking a very easy khaman dhokla in your home recipe with bit-by-bit images, you have reached your place. You may make this easy, immediate dhokla recipe at home as well as enjoy it along with your adored ones. This Gujarati dhokla recipe is created along with simple substances and also prepared in 30 mins! It is typically steamed but can quickly be readied in a pressure, microwave or even oven stove. There are numerous selections of Gujarati Dhokla, and Khaman Dhokla is just one of them.

On the other hand, the various other Dhokla selections are white coloured and are prepped utilizing rice flour blended with chickpea flour. While Khaman Dhokla is delightful and vibrant simultaneously, the other DhoklaDhokla is usually simply tasty. Undoubtedly, there are several distinctions between the two kinds of dhoklas. However, they are part of a lifestyle that enjoys flavourful specials. Gujarati food possesses many delightful and yummy snacks to give, and DhoklaDhokla bests the level of the popularity list. It is one of the ideal morning meal alternatives to have as it is lightweight and loads your tummy promptly. Right here is a quick and easy means to create mushy and delicate Khaman Dhokla that tries super-delicious.


  • One cup of gram flour (besan).
  • 1 tsp sugar.
  • One teaspoon sodium.
  • 1 tbsp refined oil.
  • One teaspoon of mustard seeds.
  • 3/4 mug water.
  • One tablespoon lemon extract.
  • 3/4 teaspoon cooking soft drink.
  • 15 sauce leaves behind.
  • For Garnishing.
  • Four eco-friendly cut chilli.
  • One teaspoon coconut powder.
  • One handful of coriander leaves.

Exactly how to produce Khaman Dhokla.

Action 1 Prepare the Dhokla concoction and also let it ferment for 1-2 hours.

To make this simple Khaman Dhokla dish, take a sizable mixing dish and incorporate gram flour, sodium, water, lemon juice, and baking soda to it. If you are making it in the wintertime, this might take much longer.

Step 2 Cook the concoction for 15-20 mins in the idli/dhokla stove.

Pour the dhokla concoction in the greased utensil and a chef on low flame in a cleaner for 15-20 moments. Check along with a knife after 15 moments through inserting it inside the DhoklaDhokla.

Step 3 Prepare the tempering.

On 2-3 blisters, lesser the blaze and press 1/2 lemon, including glucose and eco-friendly coriander leaves behind. If you choose more significant seasoning amounts, you may also incorporate some finely chopped eco-friendly spicy peppers. You may also help make a Dhokla club sandwich by layering DhoklaDhokla and adding your preferred dressing!

Tip 4 Serve the wet Khaman Dhokla along with Faafda as well as Jalebi.

Shut off the heat energy, but the solidifying on the DhoklaDhokla spread the coconut grain over the plate. Transfer the bowl to a platter and assist it with any spicy chutney that you like including green coriander chutney. Khaman Dhokla is finest taken pleasure in when matched with Faafda and Jalebi. Attempt this delicious snack food recipe at the property along with your loved ones and also close friends.


Beat dhokla concoction several times to get air into it. This will make the Dhokla cosy. Do this before including baking soda or fruit product salt.

If the concoction comes to be creamy, carry out certainly not whip it more. It should be actually of dense congruity.

Regularly utilize eno while defeating the batter. You may use baking soft drinks and lemon juice in the concoction if you don’t possess enough at the house.

The DhoklaDhokla is regularly completely dry, as the chickpea flour includes a whole lot of protein content, which, when combined with water, creates it dry.

Ensure that the cleaner is heated up for at least 4-5 moments before putting the layers loaded with batter; otherwise, it may take more time to cook, and the DhoklaDhokla won’t be squishy.

Typically, this delicacy is produced with besan or chickpea flour, recognized as Khaman dhokla in Gujarati. If you also prefer to make the dhokla recipe at the property, after that listed below, it is a straightforward technique. If you appear for an effortless khaman dhokla at house recipe with bit-by-bit photographers, you have hit your place. You may create this plain immediate dhokla dish at your residence and appreciate it with your enjoyed ones. While Khaman Dhokla is spicy and excellent simultaneously, the various other DhoklaDhokla is commonly just tasty in style.

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