The air fryer pizza roll recipe is my version of the popular Totino’s pizza rolls found in your local supermarket freezer section. Although Totino’s pizza rolls are great as a quick snack, you never can tell what’s inside those rolls. In my version, I show you how air fryer pizza rolls can be made at home with few ingredients and the power of the air fryer oven. In the power air fryer oven version of air fryer pizza rolls, you get to choose what you want inside your pizza roll. They are not those tiny pizza rolls you buy in the supermarket, this recipe makes a large egg roll sized version of The air fryer pizza roll.

So let’s start to make air fryer pizza rolls recipe. Here the ingredients list and method to make below.

Ingredients for air fryer pizza rolls:-

• 4 polly-O mozeralla sticks or as many as you like

• 4 egg roll wraps

• 1/4 cup marinara sauce

• Water

• Salt as per taste

• 2 tablespoon black pepper powder

• Italian seasoning ( your favorite herb )


• Pepperoni

• Mashrooms

• Meat precooked

• Vegetables

Method to make:-

• First thing we’re gonna do in air fryer pizza roll adds a little water on the edges of the egg roll wrap about one inch in thickness. That’s gonna help them seal and also gonna help them bake off some of these flowers.

• So next step, we gonna take the sauce and add the light layer of air fryer pizza roll sauce to the centre of the wrap. I mean treat this just like a pizza would you don’t need a whole lot of sauce on the pizza, so I just basically get it you want to step out an inch and a half away from the edges because you are gonna rolling that and you want to move it closer to you if anything.

• Now add your favorite topping and seasoning, making sure to leave a one inch border on the outer edges of the wrap.

• Place the mozeralla cheese stick which you can use we’re gonna use these palio string cheese so take that and roll that right over the cheese and just keep it rolling you want to kind of tuck everything in as you go.

Important instructions of making air fryer pizza roll:

• Place the air fryer pizza roll wrap in the top rack of the air fryer and bake at 400° F for 12 minutes, rotate them halfway through the cooking cycle for even crisping.

• Take them out from the oven and let stand for a couple of a minute.


The cheese is very hot. Slice each air fryer pizza roll in half at an angle and serve with marinara sauce. Perfect tasty air fryer pizza rolls are ready.

ENJOY! Air fryer pizza rolls

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